What is Roof Inspection?

Perhaps, you have heard people talk about roof inspection and wondered, what is a roof inspection? The roof of your building is among its most important parts. As such, it deserves significant care and attention. Roof inspection is a process that entails learning about the potential problems, current dangers, and avenues via which they can be addressed before they become emergencies.

GT Roofing San Antonio Texas has experts that perform comprehensive roof inspections. During roof inspection, we follow a detailed and specific roadmap. This guarantees you a professional and thorough overview of the roof. Our goal is to ensure that you know the current status of your roof.

Our Process

Perhaps, to answer what is a roof inspection question satisfactorily, it’s important to highlight what the inspection process entails. Our roof inspectors start by performing a complete visual check of the roof from the ground level. Our goal is to get hands dirty so that we can give you a thorough overview of your roof.

We perform a complete walk-around of your property performing visual inspection. Our inspectors note the drainage patterns of the roof. They also look for worn out parts as well as level and angled surfaces that may compromise the roof.

After ground level inspection, our technicians get up the ladder. Unless the height or pitch makes climbing up the ladder too risky, our inspector will go up the roof to see if the roofing materials have been invaded by moisture or become corrupted.

We look for nails that may not be sunk fully thereby creating points where moisture can penetrate. We also look for wear and tear of the roofing material, sagging roof, material corruption and dark spots. Our inspector will check the roof for blistering, buckling or curling. Penetrations like roof vents and chimneys are particularly checked with utmost care. We also look at the gutters to see if there are signs of shingle granules.

Schedule Roof Inspection Now!

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