You’ve probably heard people talk about different types of metal roofs including standing seam metal roofs. But, what is a standing seam metal roof? Standing seam metal roof is a fully interlocking metal roof system. It has a unique mechanical-lock design that creates a weather-tight unit. Unlike the other metal roofs, this roofing system does not use screws or rivets that are exposed on the panels’ surface.

Standing seam metal roof has become very popular over the years. It has been used widely on commercial properties. However, it is becoming popular in residential properties too. Its increasing popularity can be attributed to varied reasons including the following.

Fire Resistance

The standing seam metal roof is fire resistant. This is particularly the case when the metal roofing material is combined with code-compliant underlayment. Fire resistance is an important quality when a building is located in a place where it can catch fire with ease.

Moss Resistance

Standing seam metal roof is the best choice for buildings in places that are prone to moss or forested areas. It is ideal for buildings in places that receive high rainfall or precipitation.


One property that you can’t ignore when answering what is a standing seam metal roof question is its toughness. This roofing is resistant to snow buildup, hail, and high winds. It’s also great when it comes to shedding off rain.

Long Life

This roofing has a long lifespan. With proper installation and care, this roofing can last for up to 50 years.

Environmental Friendliness

There are cases where this roofing is recycled. This reduces the waste materials that go into landfills.

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