Tree Damage

Got Some Tree Damage?

Trees can damage your roof in different ways. However, there are two major reasons to schedule tree damage San Antonio repair appointment.

Got Falling Trees or Branches?

This is the most common reason to schedule tree damage roof repair in San Antonio. Many property owners call us to repair their roofs after trees and branches fall on their roofs. This occurs due to heavy storms and winds that uproot trees or break branches that hang near or over the roof line. This occurs very fast and its extent depends on the tree or branch size. Nevertheless, the problem that is caused by falling trees or branches can be significant if the tree or branch is large.

Growth of Untrimmed Trees Affect Your Roof

Over time, unchecked and untrimmed trees tend to grow close to the roof line. This becomes a problem after some time. For instance, tree trunks and limbs can grow through or over the roof after some time. This can necessitate an insurance call after some time.

GT Roofing Can Help

We know how it feels to have a roof damaged by trees. We have helped many property owners deal with tree damage on their roofs over the years. From the damage that requires minor repair to damage that necessitates complete replacement of the roof, we have seen it all.

Our team is equipped with the right tools, materials, skills, and experience to repair any roof after unexpected tree damage. We handle repairs safely, efficiently and professionally. What’s more, we focus on ensuring quality results with every repair. And, we give you a free estimate upfront to ensure that you know what you are paying for. Don’t struggle to repair your roof or settle for anything less.

Call us now to discuss your roof repair needs with the most qualified roofing repair specialists!