Tin Roof Patio Covers

Why should you choose tin roof patio covers over other options? That’s the question that you are likely to ask when it comes to installing a shade structure over your patio. Basically, choosing the material for a patio cover is a challenge to most homeowners. But, before you make the decision on the material for your patio cover, it’s important that you conduct some research. Tin patio covers are the most popular when compared to wood and vinyl. This can be attributed to the following reasons.


These patio covers offer greater flexibility and versatility when compared to other options. That’s because tin covers come in different colors, styles, and textures. They can even have a wooden appearance. This particular option makes matching the existing design of the exterior of a home easy. Additionally, you don’t need paint especially if you already have protectors for the surface.

Low Maintenance

When you install tin roof patio covers, you won’t have many maintenance issues to deal with as compared to when you install fabric or wood patio covers. That’s because metal won’t rot, crack or peel. Additionally, tin is a durable material. It does not burn and it is termite proof. Therefore, if rust and termite issues are prevalent in your area, tin covers are the best option for you.

Nature Elements’ Protection

Tin patio covers are capable of holding more weight than fabric, wooden, and aluminum structures. This is particularly important in areas that receive heavy snowfall. Thus, tin covers will protect your family from harsh weather making it easier for you to enjoy quality moments in your patio.


Structural rigidity is another benefit of tin patio covers. Using covers made of tin means that you need less angled or excessively heavy connection. This makes the patio less cluttered and airier.

Increased Home Value

Creating a comfortable patio is a popular trend in modern homes. It’s a trend that is boosting the value of homes. Installing patio covers made of tin will make your home more valuable.

It’s important to ensure that your patio covers are installed by competent experts. Call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas now to schedule your tin roof patio covers installation or to book a consultation appointment!