Tin Roof Homes San Antonio

Tin roof homes San Antonio installations are made of several types of metal that is coated with a protective material layer. This layer enhances the durability of tin roof. In most cases, this roof is made of steel that is coated with terneplate or terne. This material is a combination of different metals that include zinc, lead and tin. But to determine whether this roof is ideal for your home, it’s important to know its benefits.


Tin roof is the most affordable option when compared to aluminum roof, copper roof, and galvanized steel roof. And despite being affordable, tin roof tend to last longer than galvanized steel and aluminum roofs. Nevertheless, it should be installed properly and maintained regularly to last longer. Thus, installing tin roof is a cost-effective option.

Heat Resistance

Generally, metal roof is extremely good at resisting weather elements. It prevents heat gain by a house during summer while keeping it warm during winter. However, some types of metal roof are better at doing this than others. Coated tin roof homes San Antonio products for instance provide better heat and weather resistance than some metal roofs. Tern coated tin roof does a better job when it comes to reducing peak temperature in a house during midday than steel roof. That’s because coating provides improvement in the ability of tin roof to reflect heat from the sun. Increasing zinc content in tin roof with terne coating makes this roof a more environmental friendly option.

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