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Steel Roofs for Residential Homes

Steel roofs for residential homes provide sturdier and heavier roofing than aluminum. Manufacturers of roofing materials have settled for durable finishes and coatings that provide protection to steel against corrosion and rust. Steel is zinc-coated to protect it from corrosion and eventually sealed.

Epoxy primer coating provides adhesion and an acrylic top coating that is baked-on. This adds protection and color. Since the sheet systems are meant for use in commercial applications, they come with paint finishes that last longer. Fluorocarbon coating is an example of the finishes that are used in steel roofing products.

Reasons to Choose Steel Roofs for Residential Homes

There are three major reasons to choose steel roof for your residential property.

These are:

  • Durable- Steel roof is a versatile roofing product that is designed to suit different building styles. It lasts longer while enhancing the look of a building.
  • Economical- Steel roofs have light colors that are very effective in reflecting heat. This reduces the cost of cooling homes during summer. Steel roof can also enhance the resale value of a home.
  • Colors and styles- There are many colors and styles of steel roofs to choose from. Common roofing styles include standing seam, vertical rib, and tile profile. These complement different homes with ease.

Other reasons to choose steel roof for your residential property include lightweight, superior strength, weather resistance, fire and heat resistance, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, as well as mildew and mold resistance.

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