Standing Seam Tin Roof San Antonio

Standing seam tin roof San Antonio structures use raised seam in connecting the panels together. This creates high performance levels in the range of different environmental conditions. The manufacturing process of standing seam tin roof makes creating them onsite possible. As such, most panels are longer and this allows for the seamless lines that run from the ridge to the eave.

Standing seam tin roofing is a major breakthrough in the roofing industry. This roofing provides a puncture resistant, durable protection against environmental elements. Whether you want to retrofit a building or working on a new building, you won’t be disappointed by a standing seam tin roof.

Mechanical-Lock Standing Seam Tin Roof

One of the major reasons to invest in standing seam tin roof San Antonio products is their hidden fasteners that make this roofing weather-tight. The mechanical lock feature creates a fully interlocking system. This has a unique design that makes the unit weather-tight. Unlike other panel metal roofing, standing seam tin roof does not have screws or rivets exposed on the panels’ surface.

It can be installed over an existing roof or on a new construction. All caps and trims are designed in a way that creates an integrated weather-proof system. The interlocking seams are made of panels that can be made to any pre-determined length. Panels are made of tin with a coating that creates an attractive and extremely durable surface.

The standing seam tin roof panels can be roll formed with ribbed contours that provide additional strength. Each panel has a unique design on the ridge to create a secure interlocking system of the panels. The standing seam tin roof does not require special preparation. This makes it cost less in terms of installation.

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