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Standing Seam Metal San Antonio

Standing seam metal San Antonio products refer to sheet-style, vertical metal sheets that are locked together into a roof. The lock can be secured with visible fasteners or hidden anchors under interlocking panels. Standing seam describes the seams because they are raised above panels.

This roofing has similarity with corrugated metal roof that is installed on commercial and industrial buildings. The only difference is the aesthetics. However, standing seam metal roofing uses thicker metal sheets and it provides more durability. GT Roofing San Antonio Texas installs standing seam metal roof in both residential and commercial properties in San Antonio. Call us anytime to schedule consultation or installation of your standing seam metal roof.

Benefits of Standing Seam Metal San Antonio Installations

Perhaps, you are wondering why you should install standing seam metal roof on your residential or commercial property. Well, there are numerous benefits of this roofing that should compel you to install it.

  • Durability- Metal roofs are known for their exceptional lifespan as well as stout construction. However, standing seam metal roof has thicker seams that give it a stronger structure.
  • Energy efficiency- Since this roof is available in lighter colors it provides an option for improved energy efficiency. Ideally, you can choose standing seam metal roof with a color that reflects sun’s heat. This will keep your house cooler during the day thereby reducing the cost of cooling especially during summer.
  • Raised seams- Standing or raised seams give this roofing improved weatherproofing capabilities. That’s because they make leaks as well as water damage less likely to occur.
  • Aesthetics- The many color options that you have to choose from including those with bold and unique looks enable a standing seam roof to stand out. Installing this roof is a sure way to enhance the aesthetics of your building.

GT Roofing San Antonio Texas can install standing seam metal roof on your property in an efficient, safe, and professional manner. Call us to schedule standing seam metal San Antonio installation appointment today!