Standing Seam Metal Roof

GT Roofing San Antonio Texas offers a wide range of standing seam metal roof panels. We install these panels in different coatings, gauges, and colors. This roofing option is a maintenance-free and durable option. It provides numerous benefits including energy reduction. It can also be installed over existing roofing in most cases.

The roofing panels are designed with different radius. This makes this roofing option ideal for structures that have many roof levels. It is a roofing option that comprises of vertical panels that come with two seams in every panel. The panels stand vertically to create dramatic show lines that run continuously from the ridges to the eaves upon installation. The shadow lines accent the plane and pitch of all roof angles.


This metal roof is installed or formed by crimping adjacent seams together. The seams are sealed to form a single join. A major purpose or advantage of this is roof drain. Standing seam metal roof panels are installed sequentially. However, the recommended underlayment must be placed first.

Underlayment plays a very important role in this roof. Therefore, select the right underlayment, particularly water and self-adhering ice shielded product. The panels of this roof have a width of 18 to 24 inches and they run parallel to the roof slope.

Panels attach to the underlayment and fasteners or clips are used to allow for contraction and expansion of the metal with temperature changes. Seams are crimped together with a crimping tool.

The basic styles of these panels include:

When installed properly, this roof lasts longer than roofing shingles. It can be made of steel, copper or aluminum. That means you have different options to choose from. Additionally, this roof is capable of withstanding the effects of snow loads or heavy water. It also comes with different finishes and colors. Thus, matching the architectural needs of your property is easy.

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