GT Roofing San Antonio Texas has standing seam metal roof pictures San Antonio samples that you can have a look at before you decide to install this roof. We have installed this roof in many residential and commercial buildings in San Antonio. This roof has become popular especially in residential buildings because it is practical and stylish.

Standing seam metal roof is distinguished by interlocking seams that join vertical panels’ rows while seams stand vertically. The roof also has fasteners that connect panels horizontally. This roofing has numerous advantages over the other types of roofing.

Fewer Seams

Panels hang from a single seam at the top. As such, this roof has fewer seams. Fasteners are found at the point where panels connect horizontally. Therefore, this roof resists moisture more than other roof types and it prevents attic leaks.


Metal roofing is more resilient and sustainable when installed in places that are exposed to heavy storms and winds. However, you may notice dents on the standing seam metal roof pictures of San Antonio samples. But, if you live in a place where extreme weather is prevalent, this is the best roofing option. Meta roof lasts longer with occasional touch-ups.

Energy Efficient

Metal roofing can be painted in a way that enables it to reflect heat from the sun. This keeps the interior cool thereby reducing the cooling and heating costs. Metal roofing is an ideal option for individuals in warm climates that want to keep energy bills down.


From the standing seam metal roof pictures that you get from GT Roofing in San Antonio Texas, you will notice that this roofing is modern looking and stylish. It’s also possible to paint this roofing in different colors. What’s more, you can paint the roof in a color that makes it complement or match other parts of the building.

Standing seam metal roof offers all benefits of metal roofing with additional benefits of a stylish design and fewer seams. To have a look at standing seam metal roof pictures of San Antonio samples, call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas today!