Standing Seam Metal Roof near Me

Standing seam metal roof is a weather-tight and durable roofing system. It is a maintenance-free roofing system that can last more than 30 years when installed properly. Perhaps, you are wondering, who can install standing seam metal roof near me? Well, stop wondering and just get in touch with GT Roofing San Antonio Texas.

We have a team of technicians that can install standing seam metal roof on your building. We install standing seam metal roof that enhances a reduction in energy consumption. In most cases, we install this roof over the existing roofing. Thus, you don’t incur the high costs of roof removal and waste disposal.

Standing seam metal roof panels are designed with different radius roof profiles. This makes this roofing an ideal structure for buildings with multiple roof levels. This roofing comes with vertical panels and two seams for each panel. The seams stand vertically. After installation, the shadow lines usually run continuously from its ridge to the eave. This accents the plane and the pitch of the roof angle.

Installation of Standing Seam Metal Roof

If you are still wondering who offers professional installation of standing seam metal roof near me, talk to GT Roofing San Antonio Texas. Installation of this roof entails crimping the adjacent seams together to seal them into a single join. The purpose or advantage of this roof is roof drain. The panels of the standing seam are installed sequentially but after placement of the recommended underlayment. The standing seam panels measure about 18 to 24 inches in width.

Panels are then attached to an underlayment using fasteners or clips. This allows for the contraction or expansion of the metal with changes in temperature. A crimping tool is used to crimp both seams together while repeating crimping to seam all panels. Standing seam metal panels can be mechanically seamed, symmetrically mechanically seamed, two piece snap lock or one piece snap lock.

GT Roofing can install any of these standing seam metal roof panels. Stop asking who can install standing seam metal roof near me and call us to schedule installation or consultation today!