Standing Seam Metal Roof Installers near Me

Who are the best standing seam metal roof installers near me? Call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas if that’s the question bothering you now. Standing seam metal roof comprises of continuous panels that run from the roof ridge to the eaves. Seams are found between panels and they are connected with fasteners that are raised above the metal roofing level. This is where the standing seam term comes from because this roofing has standing or raised seams instead of flush mounted seams.

Seam fasteners can range between 0.5 and 1.5 inches high. They are usually concealed and only a smooth continuous ridge is seen extending to the bottom from the top. Roof panels are either site-formed or pre-formed. When pre-formed, the panels are made off-site. Sit-formed panels are made from metal rolls that are run through a forming machine that crimp metal into the rigid panels. Width and composition of the panels ranges between 12 and 19 inches.

The benefits of this roofing is a major reason you may ask, who are the best standing seam metal roof installers near me? Basically, this roofing is a cool roof. That’s because any color can be used to paint it. This includes lighter colors that prevent the roof and a building from gaining solar heat.

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roof

The major advantage of this roof is highlighted by its name. The point of weakness for a roof is the moisture’s entry point. In this roofing, this point is raised above the roof panels’ level. Since metal panels are usually unhindered, they do not create potential points of entry for moisture. This roof does not have horizontal seams and it has fewer seams.

Additionally, standing seam metal roof has a look that makes it ideal for country-style or contemporary houses and buildings. The sleek lines of this roof give a house or a building an industrial feeling with a modern flair.

Stop asking who the best standing seam metal roof installers near me are and call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas now to schedule an installation appointment!