Standing Seam Metal Roof Contractors

Standing seam metal roof is a maintenance free and durable metal roof type. You can have this roof installed on your commercial or residential building and it will last for more than 100 years. GT Roofing San Antonio Texas is one of the best standing seam metal roof contractors. We have been installing standing seam roofs for many years. We install standing seam metal roofs that reduce energy consumptions.

Our installation process is simple and easy. In fact, we can install this roof over your existing roof. The panels of standing seam roofing come with designs of varying radius profiles. This makes it an ideal roof for buildings with multiple roof levels. Standing seam metal roof comes with vertical panels that feature two seams for every panel standing up vertically. After installation, its shadow lines run from the ridge to the eave continuously thereby accenting the plane and pitch of the roof angles.

Installation of Standing Seam Metal Roof

GT Roofing San Antonio Texas is among the standing seam metal roof contractors that have been in the industry for years. We install or form our standing seam metal roof by crimpling adjacent seams together and sealing them into a single joint. The panels of the standing seam have to be installed sequentially after placing the recommended underlayment. The underlayment is very important. We use high temperature water-shielded and self-adhering ice products. The standing seam panels that we use are of about 18 to 20 inches wide and they run parallel to the roof slope. These panels attach to the underlayment using fasteners and clips that allow for the contraction and expansion of the metal with temperature changes.

We clip the seams together with a crimping tool. We repeat the crimping action until panels become seamed.

The basic metal standing seam panel styles include:

A standing seam metal roof is the best option when you want to install a roof over an existing material. It also lasts for a lifetime when installed properly. What’s more, standing seam metal roof is made of different materials including copper, aluminum and steel. This gives you multiple choices to choose from.

Call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas to have the best standing seam metal roof contractors working on your project!