Standing Metal Roof

When you think about metal roofing, you are likely to envision the roof that you’ve seen on commercial buildings and barns. These roofs have panels running vertically up to the roof. They are called standing metal roof or standing seams. That’s because of their prominent, raised, interlocking seam feature that joins the panels. This roofing provides the durability and protection that metal roofing is known for.

GT Roofing San Antonio Texas installs this roofing in different types of buildings. We install standing metal seams that look amazing in all types of buildings. If you have old asphalt roof on your building, we can replace it with this roofing. Just call us anytime to discuss your metal roofing needs with experts or to schedule a consultation appointment.

Characteristics of Standing Metal Roof

In most cases, this roof is made of Galvalume steel. It is mostly chosen for roofs whose slope is ¼:12 or greater. This roofing is a common roof design. That’s because it has proven its effectiveness and durability over the years.

There are four major styles of this roofing. Each style has its advantages, disadvantages and intricacies that you should know when choosing the most ideal style for your building.

These styles are:

GT Roofing San Antonio Texas has experts that are ready to explain these styles as well as the pros and cons of each to you before installation.

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We install this roof with panels that satisfy building codes and design criteria of our clients. Once you hire us for your roof installation project, we will take you through the available products and guide you to ensure that you make an informed choice. Just like other roofing materials, metal can be affected by thermal movement. We take such factors into consideration to ensure that we deliver excellent results.

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