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You may have heard people talk about metal roofing and asked, what is metal roofing San Antonio product? Basically, you may not think much about roofing as long as your home has a properly functioning roof. But, metal roofing is almost everywhere in San Antonio. You will notice it in your neighborhood or while driving on the highway in a city.

So, how much do you know about metal roofing? Metal roofing is gaining increasing popularity in San Antonio due to the fact that it requires little or no maintenance after installation. What’s more, there are different styles and looks of metal roofing to choose from. These include stamped metal roofs and standing seam metal roofing.

At GT Roofing San Antonio Texas, we have different types of metal roofing. We help you install the best metal roof depending on your needs and style of your building. Our goal is to make sure that you have a sturdy roof on your building.

San Antonio Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is basically made of metal tiles or pieces. This roofing has numerous benefits over other types of roof. Metal roofing has become increasingly popular in San Antonio because it’s more durable. When installed properly, it boosts the resale value of a building.

Other advantages of metal roofing include energy savings, longevity, long-term warranties, and more color options. This roof enhances the energy saving capability of a building by up to 40% depending on its location. It enhances thermal efficiency if a house stands on a high temperature area. That’s because of its high emissivity and cool-roof paints.

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Since you’ve known what is metal roofing San Antonio structure schedule its installation with the leading industry experts. GT Roofing San Antonio Texas has installed many metal roofs in both residential and commercial structures.

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Metal Roofing Materials

There is no doubt that metal roofing materials are advantageous than traditional roofing materials. If you have aging asphalt shingles that are fading, cracking or falling off, consider replacing them with metal roofing. Whether you need roofing materials for a home, shopping center, or a church, asphalt shingles are now outdated. Instead of asphalt shingles, install metal roofing that offers the following advantages.


Metal roofing products last for more than 30 years with minimal maintenance. Additionally, colored metal roofing won’t fade after some time like asphalt shingles. Commercial and residential metal roofing lasts long while withstanding nature elements that include heavy storms.


There is a wide range of materials to choose from when it comes to metal roofing. When you choose metal roofing, you select from different styles, colors and materials. This implies that you choose materials that suit the color of your home. And, there is a material with a style that suits your home. You also get materials that give your building a traditional or modern look.

Environmental Friendly

Metal roofing materials are environmental friendly. That’s because they are 100% recyclable. Most residential and commercial metal roofs come with at least 25% recycled content. They can also be installed over the current roof. Thus, you don’t have to remove the current roof thereby contributing to filling the landfills.

Money Savings

Metal roofing products may be slightly expensive than the traditional roofing materials. However, they save you more money in the long run. That’s because these materials are great insulators. This implies that they will keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter. Basically, these materials can save you energy costs when installed properly.

GT Roofing San Antonio Texas knows the advantages of metal roofing materials over traditional roofing materials. We want you to reap the full benefits of investing in these materials. Call us anytime to schedule consultation or installation of your roofing materials.

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Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing systems have become increasingly popular over the years. This can be attributed to a number of reasons. Experts from GT Roofing San Antonio Texas explain some of the reasons why the popularity of these roofing systems is increasing rapidly.

Financial Sense

Metal roofing makes financial sense for homeowners that plan to live in their homes longer. That’s because metal roofs last longer with minimal maintenance. They are a great investment that saves money over time because they do not involve high maintenance cost or need replacement.

What’s more, other roofing options are complex. Complex roofs add beauty and architectural interest but this comes at a cost. Metal roofs on the other hand are simple and even if you choose a complex option, you spend on it once over a long period. Thus, you avoid the high labor cost of roof replacement when you install metal roofing.

Energy Efficiency

The roof of a building is the most vulnerable part to the summertime heat from the sun. This heat increases attic temperature when it passes via the roof. Eventually, temperature rises in a home leading to hire costs of air conditioning. Metal roofs with an Energy Star reduce attic space heat gain. This reduces the cost of cooling a home during summer. Thus, metal roofing systems are ideal for individuals that want to reduce future energy expenses.

Home Value

Homes that require minimal maintenance especially on the roof and other parts sell faster and at a higher price. A metal roof is considered a significant upgrade. The fact that this roof is almost maintenance-free makes a home more appealing to potential buyers. Thus, when you install metal roofing on your property, you boost its value.

Green Benefits

If you are an environmental conscious person, install a metal roof on your property. Most metal roofs are recyclable. As such, when you install a metal roof over your property, you reduce the waste that goes to the landfills.

GT Roofing San Antonio Texas is a team of experts that have been working on metal roofing systems for years. Call us now to discuss your metal roofing installation, repair, or replacement!

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Metal Roofing In San Antonio

Why Metal Roofing?

Before you hire GT Roofing San Antonio Texas to install metal roofing on your property, you might pose and ask, why metal roofing? Well, there are many reasons why this roofing has become so popular over the recent past. Each day, more San Antonio properties are upgrading from the ineffective and outdated asphalt roofs to metal roofs. This can be attributed to the following reasons.

Top Quality

Metal roofs are of a higher quality than most alternatives. So, if you want to invest in a roof that will look better and last longer due to its high quality, install metal roofing. Your property will make people slow down to have a look at it once you have a metal roof installed properly.

Energy Efficiency

Do you want to save money on monthly energy consumption? Then install metal roofing. Metal roofs like those made of aluminum are more energy efficient. That’s because they have heat-reflecting properties that enables them to keep indoors cool. What’s more, you can have metal roofing installed over the existing roofing. Thus, you enhance energy savings while reducing environmental waste when you install metal roofing on your property.


Durability is another reason why metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular. When installed properly, this roof will last for up to 100 years. This is way longer than asphalt roofs that last for 10 to 12 years.

Simple Maintenance

Metal roofing requires little or no maintenance. For instance, you don’t have to climb up there to clear snow during snowfall. Instead, snow slides off the metal roof once temperature rises slightly. Thus, you don’t have to put your life at risk by climbing up there to perform regular maintenance practices.

Property Value

Metal roofs boost the value of a property. They also distance you from difficult and costly maintenance.

Basically, metal roofing gives you energy saving benefits while enhancing the value of your property. So, if you have been wondering why metal roofing is the best, call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas to schedule installation now that you know its advantages.

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Best Metal Roofing for Residential Homes

Once you make the decision to install metal roofing on your building, you have to look for the best metal roofing for residential homes San Antonio products. Residential metal roofing is becoming increasing popular due to the benefits of this type of roofing.

They include the following:

  • Excellent ice and snow management
  • Rarely dented or compromised by hail
  • Can withstand high wind speeds
  • Fire resistance
  • Proper ventilation which is important for efficiency and health

Currently, there are different types of metal roofing. Here are some of the best metal roofing options to consider for your residential property.

Roofing Shingles

One of the major reasons why this metal roofing is ideal for residential homes is its availability in different colors and distinctive styles. Aluminum shingles are lightweight and this makes them an ideal roofing solution for residential homes. Aluminum roofing shingles also have higher energy efficiency, endurance, as well as better snow and ice management.

Standing Seams Metal Roofing

Vertical roofing panels offer contemporary and clean roofing solutions. These are the best metal roofing for residential homes San Antonio properties because they don’t have exposed fasteners. Exposed fasteners provide entry points for moisture which leads to rust. Expert fabrication as well as installation of standing metal seam roofing gives this roof the desired look.

Steel Roofing

Steel roof is known for its strength. This combined with contemporary requirements for energy efficiency and beauty make steel roofing a preference for many property owners. You can choose steel roofing from different colors and styles.

Flat and Slope Roofing

Flat and low slope roofs come with their challenges. However, they provide an option to choose from depending on how you want your building to look and protect occupants from the elements. It’s important that you talk with experts about flat and low slope roof to ensure that you make a more informed choice.

GT Roofing San Antonio has installed different types of metal roofs in San Antonio over the years. Call us now for assistance in selecting the best metal roofing for residential homes San Antonio options!

The Cost of Metal Roofing

There are many factors that influence the cost of metal roofing San Antonio estimates. Ideally, metal roofing costs more than the retail materials costs. When determining the amount you are likely to spend on metal roofing, it’s important that you consider all influential factors. These include the following.


There are different types of metal roofing. The most common types of metal roof include aluminum roof, copper roof, and steel roof. There are advantages and disadvantages of each of these types of metal roofs. What’s more, installation of each of these types of metal roof cost a different price due to varying requirements. Therefore, decide on the metal roof type that you want to install on your building when determining the cost of your project.


The market has different types of aluminum and steel sheets. Aluminum and steel roofing is available in corrosion resistant, shingles, and coated-steel sheets. These are also called standing seam roofing. The cost of metal roofing San Antonio installation is influenced by the choice of sheets. It’s therefore important to know about different metal roof sheets before you make your choice.


You may opt to install metal roofing on your building without professional assistance but that’s risky. A wise option is to hire a metal roofing contractor to do the installation job. Climbing up your roof to install a metal roof is a risky task. What’s more, you may not have the necessary tools or equipment and this can lead to doing a shoddy job. To avoid this, factor in the cost of labor by getting an upfront estimate from a professional metal roof contractor like GT Roofing San Antonio Texas.

Additional Costs

It’s important that you consider the additional costs of metal roof installation. For instance, in addition to roofing sheets, you will need other materials like fasteners. If you have an old roof that you are replacing, you may have to pay for its disposal.

The best way to know the cost of metal roofing San Antonio installation is talking to reputable metal roofing contractors. Call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas now to get a free estimate for your metal roofing project!

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