Signs That You Need Roof Replacement in San Antonio

GT Roofing is a trusted roofing company with a sterling reputation for providing superior services at affordable prices. Contact us if seeking assistance with a roof replacement in San Antonio. We guarantee you quality roofing services that will leave you with a sturdy roofing system that will last for decades and serve you better.

We specialize in the replacement of worn-out and old roofs. Our team installs different roof types, including metal roofing systems. Replacing roofs is among our most prominent services. Maybe you’ve come across roofers replacing a roof on your neighbor’s house. Perhaps, you’ve not given it much thought, thinking your roof might not require replacement any time soon.

Most roofing systems have a lifespan of between 20 and 30 years. However, a roofing system can last longer depending on its material and installation. Nevertheless, every roof eventually requires replacement. And that’s where our roof replacement service comes in.

Even if you don’t think about roof replacement now, missing or damaged shingles will eventually prompt you to do it. What’s more, you could notice asphalt granules in the guttering systems. All these are signs that your house needs a new roof. In some cases, you might need an emergency roof replacement, like when a severe storm damages your roof significantly. In that case, GT Roofing can provide emergency roof replacement.

Perhaps, you’re unsure whether to replace your current roofing system. Maybe you think your roof needs minor repairs. To ensure the integrity of your property, our experts recommend considering the following signs of a roof that needs replacement.

  • Shingle Condition: Curling, cracked, curling, or missing shingles are all signs of a roof that needs replacement. New asphalt roofs have a granular base that covers and protects the tar surface. They also create an attractive appearance of the shingle. The shingles’ edge also has a tar seal preventing wind from blowing or lifting them. But the granular surface can wear off and loosen over time. Thus, the tar starts to trip, losing the seal. Therefore, if you notice granules on the gutters or the shingles relax during storms, you may see curling, blistering, or cracking on the shingles too. And these could be signs that you can’t repair the roof, leaving you with replacement as the only option.
  • Caulking and Flashing Damage: In most cases, roof manufacturers use copper, galvanized, or aluminum to make flashing products. They also install caulking around the flashing edge to seal it to the siding or brick. In most cases, roofing experts can repair flashing problems by replacing or re-caulking them. However, if too brittle and old flashing surrounds the shingles, repairing the roof could be impossible. Thus, you have to re-roof your house.
  • Warped or Bulking Roof Appearance: Around 50% of asphalt shingle roofing systems that GT Roofing replaces every year have water damage or rotting underneath their surface. In most cases, this occurs due to leaks that property owners don’t hire experts to repair before they escalate. For instance, a small leak can lead to slow damage if you do nothing about it. And you might not notice this damage from the inside of your house. Therefore, when the roof deck develops a buckled or warped appearance, it already has extensive damage. Thus, replacing your roof could be the only option.

Our crew can assess your roof carefully and extensively to determine whether you should repair or replace it. Nevertheless, replacing your current roof could make more economic sense than repairing it if your existing roof is too old.

Professional Roof Replacement Services

GT Roofing has the most competent specialists in replacing your roof. We know that you can avoid replacing your roof for decades, depending on its material, installation quality, and maintenance. However, the long lifespan of a roof can be a curse or a blessing.

That’s because a roof replacement is a crucial investment. It can transform your building’s appearance and boost its resale value. What’s more, you might never replace the roof again during your homeownership period. However, you can take your roofing system for granted when it protects you and your valuable possessions for over 20 years.

Nevertheless, your roofing system will eventually require replacement no matter how well the roofers you hired installed it. Even roofs with the best installation and maintenance age and eventually need replacement. Luckily, roof replacement is a project with around 67.5% return on investment.

Once you choose the right experts to replace your roof, you will end up with a quality roofing system that will serve you better for decades. What’s more, pick a company that understands different roof types to get professional guidance and make an informed choice.

Hire the Best Roof Replacement Experts Now!

At GT Roofing, we have a team of skilled, talented, and experienced professionals providing our roof replacement services. If you’ve noticed warning signs of a damaged roof, we can inspect your property to determine whether you need a roof replacement. Our roofing contractors will ensure that you have the most appropriate and sturdy roofing system protecting your property and valuable possessions.

Our roof replacement prices are affordable, and service quality is unmatched. Don’t let amateurs experiment with your roof if it requires replacement. Instead, contact GT Roofing for a free roof replacement estimate or consultation. We guarantee you quality and affordable roof replacement in San Antonio, Texas!