When you own a home, you need roof repair tips and tricks for keeping your roof in perfect condition. A leaky roof can cause costly and serious damage to a house. That’s because infiltrating rainwater can destroy the plaster and drywall. It can cause rotting on the framing and even mold growth. 

A damaged roof should be repaired as quickly as possible. In some cases, the damage is easy to fix. However, some damage requires expertise and experience to fix. That’s because some damage requires a careful and thorough inspection of the roof. This inspection helps in determining the extent of the damage. And, an ordinary person might not inspect the damage properly let alone fixing it. As such, a homeowner may need the help of professionals to inspect and repair the damaged roof. 

Roof Repair Overview- How to Spot a Leaky Roof

You have a leaky roof if you notice water stains running down the walls or extending across the ceilings. But, what do you do once you notice these signs of a leaky roof? Well, you need to track down the location of the leak. And, this is the hardest part of repairing a leaky roof. In some cases, a roof can have leaks during the sunny or warm days. This is particularly common in Snow Belt areas. If that the case for your roof, it means you could have ice dams. 

Nevertheless, a leaky roof should be fixed immediately. In some cases, roof repair is a simple task of applying the roofing cement to a hole. However, some cases require time to diagnose and locate the damage. And depending on the extent of the leak, replacing the damaged roof might be the best option. 

If you don’t fix the damage immediately, you will end up with more serious issues to deal with. For instance, water can damage the ceiling and necessitate repair or replacement. The insulation can also be damaged in addition to rotting sheathing and framing. To avoid such damages, fix the roof damage the moment you notice it. 

How to Fix a Leaking Roof

Once sure that you have a leaky roof, the next step is to fix it. You can do this yourself or enlist our professional roof repair service. GT Roofing is a reputable company that specializes in the installation, repair, and replacement of all types of roofs. Once you enlist our roof repair service, we inspect your roofing system, identify the problem, and fix it professionally. Essentially, we provide a lasting solution to the problem of your roof. 

If you opt to fix the leaky roof, here are your options: 

  • If your roofing system is sound with less than two weak spots, it means a severe windstorm or a falling tree branch caused the damage. In that case, permanent repairs may be necessary. 
  • If your roof has the general signs of tear and wear, repairs may provide a temporary solution to the problem. That’s because if your roof is too old, other leaks may eventually appear. Therefore, start preparing for a roof replacement or re-roof. 
  • If you decide to re-roof but you need some time to prepare and plan for roof replacement, cover the current leaks with plastic sheets or plywood until you start re-roofing. 
  • If you plan to wait for at least a year to replace the roof, consider making permanent repairs immediately. These may include replacing damaged or missing shingles. But even when you do this, inspect your attic whenever it rains and repair the roof accordingly. Additionally, take appropriate steps to protect the interior spaces of your home from rainwater damage. 

It’s crucial to note that roof inspection should be done even when no signs of damage are apparent. Regular roof inspection helps in the diagnosis of issues like splitting and cupping that are escalated by rainwater. Once diagnosed, such issues can be fixed early to prevent extensive damage that may be costly to fix. 

Hire Experts to Fix Your Damaged Roof

Roof repair may seem easy for homeowners that are good with DIY projects. However, it requires expertise and experience to do it right and safely. Diagnosing a leak in your roof may require you to climb up the ladder, acquire the right materials, and tools for the job. This implies that you have to take the risk by climbing up the ladder. If not careful, you can fall and sustain serious injuries or even die. That’s why you should leave the roof repair job the experienced professionals.

And, even if you’re okay with the idea of climbing up the ladder, you may not have the right tools and equipment for this job. That means you have to invest in the purchase of tools, equipment, and materials. And even after doing all this, you might not do a good job because you’re not a professional roofer. To avoid all these hassles and risks, let experts fix the leak in your roof. 

GT Roofing has highly trained and experienced roof repair specialists. Our crew is equipped with the right tools for any roof repair job. We have repaired different types of roofs on all types of buildings in San Antonio, Texas. Whether you need residential roof repair, commercial roof repair, or industrial roof repair, we’re the right experts for the job. 

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