Roof Inspection

You can easily scrutinize your home during a walk via the yard and the rooms. However, determining the condition of your roof based on how it looks is not easy. Fixing a damaged roof can be one of the most expensive repairs for a home. Complete roof replacement costs between $2,000 and $12,000. That’s why proper roof inspection is an important investment. At GT Roofing San Antonio Texas, we know the importance of proper inspection of a roof. Once you hire us, we inspect the roof carefully and provide a detailed report.

Our Process

The major reason to inspect a roof is to find problems and gauge the potential life of your roof. Our inspectors look at roofs from different angles to determine the duration that water takes to evaporate. Two days are the acceptable duration. However, this varies depending on the location.

When inspecting roofs, we walk on them looking for weak areas that may indicate leaks or rot. If some weak areas are not safe to access, our inspectors use binoculars. We inspect all parts of the roof including shingles. We also assess the materials that are used to construct the roof. Our team will also check the deterioration rate of the used materials.

Common Problems Identified Via Roof Inspection

Our inspectors sport different roof problems during the inspection.

Common among them include:

To know the condition of your roof and whether it needs repair or replacement, call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas now to schedule roof inspection today!