Residential Steel Roofing

Residential steel roofing presents a better alternative to the standard asphalt shingles roofing. For many years, composition shingle roofing has been a very popular option for re-roofing and new roof installations. However, the growing awareness among property owners is making metal roofing a popular option too. Steel roofing is one of the metal roofing options that property owners are going for.

Why Steel Roofing?

Aesthetic appeal is one of the major concerns among homeowners. Steel roofing presents a wide range of contemporary profiles, styles and vibrant colors. These options enable residential property owners to choose roofs that suit their buildings and personal styles. What’s more, steel stands out due to its low life-cycle cost. It’s also great in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. For people that want their residential roofs to be their treasured assets in the future rather than source of constant problems, steel roofing is the best choice.

Residential Steel Roofing is Exceptionally Durable and Strong

Steel is a durable and strong roofing material. In fact, durability and strength of steel is the reason it is used in industrial and commercial constructions. Residential properties benefit from steel durability in different ways. For instance, it’s these properties that make steel roofing resistant to curling, warping, peeling, and cracking. These are common problems in asphalt shingles.

Severe Weather Resistance

The ability of steel roofing to withstand severe weather makes it a popular option across the world. Steel roofing can withstand extreme temperature changes and harsh climates. That means your home will be secure and safe from snow, hail, and fire once you install this roof. Basically, steel roofing exceeds the local building codes.

Low Maintenance

Just like other metal roofs, steel roofing requires low maintenance. That’s because this roofing is zinc coated or aluminum-zinc alloy coated. This prevents corrosion and rust while extending the life of the steel roofing.

Different Colors and Styles

There are many colors and styles of steel roofing to choose from. This implies that you can easily get a steel roof option that suits the aesthetic preferences of your property. Common colors and styles that you can choose from include stone-coated steel, cedar shake, slate, and clay tile.

Energy Efficient

Steel roofing helps you realize greater energy savings. It comes with a reflective coating. This makes it a “cool roof” because it reflects UV rays from the sun. Granular coated or painted steel roof re-emits up to 90% of solar radiation. Thus, it keeps of heat thereby keeping the interior of a home cooler.

These are some of the reasons to consider residential steel roofing. Call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas to schedule consultation or to book appointment for your steel roof installation.