Metal roofing is the best choice for anybody that needs a cost-effective, visually appealing and functional roofing system for their home. The popularity of metal roofing is increasing among modern residential property owners. Some of the reasons why most people are choosing metal roofing for their new homes or existing homes include longevity, energy efficiency, and low maintenance.

What’s more, you can choose metal roofing from zinc, tin, copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel. But, what about residential metal roofing cost? Well, installing a metal roof on a home costs more than installing most typical roofs. However, metal roofing pays for itself with longevity, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Cost of Residential Metal Roofing Cost

The cost of installing a new metal roof on a residential property or home ranges from $3.50 to $14.00 per square foot. This pricing is pretty wide because there are different types of metal roofing. Here is a breakdown of this pricing to help you determine the amount you are likely to spend on your residential metal roofing installation project.

Factors that Affect Residential Metal Roofing Costs

The cost of installing a metal roof on a residential property will vary depending on other factors. For instance, the geographic location of a building, height, and roof steepness affect the cost of residential metal roofing. Complexity of the roof also affects the cost. For instance, a building with level changes, chimneys, dormers, and skylights will cost more to install a metal roof. If you have an existing roof that needs removal before a metal roof is installed, you will also spend more.

It’s important to note that most roofing contractor give estimate on the basis of the square feet to be roofed. One square is basically an area measuring 10 by 10 feet or simply 100 square feet. As such, the total cost of installing a residential metal roof can range between $350 and $1,400 per square of the metal roof to be installed.

It’s also important to note that standing seam metal roofing is the most expensive and popular metal roofing option. Standing seams metal roofing costs between $8.00 and $14.00 per square feet. This is equivalent to a price range of $800 to $1,400 per square. Standing seam metal panels are available as galvalume and galvanized steel, painted aluminum, copper and zinc.

In addition to these factors, credentials of the installer, material choice, and the time when you want metal roofing to be installed will affect the cost. Therefore, choose a residential metal roofing contractor carefully as well as the time to install the roof to get a better deal.

Effects of Labor on the Cost of Residential Metal Roofing Installation

As a residential property owner, it’s important that you consider the total cost of installing a metal roof instead of the raw materials costs only. The cost of labor in particular can significantly increase your residential metal roofing cost than the metal cost itself. But, this does not mean that installing a metal roof is always expensive.

Contrary to this, you can opt to install your new metal roof over an existing roof. This can make metal roof installation quite manageable. Nevertheless, if your metal roof installation project entails stripping off an old roof, you will definitely spend more money on it.

The bigger picture of residential metal roofing should consider the energy efficiency and longevity of the new metal roofing system. During cold weather, less heat escapes a home with a metal roof and less heat gets inside during summer. This means metal roofing can reduce air condition and heating bills in the long run.

This combined with the fact that metal roofing requires minimal maintenance and repairs when compared to other types of roofs means you can recoup the initial cost in the long run. What’s more, metal roofing boosts the curb appeal of a home while increasing its value.

The Bottom Line

Determining the exact residential metal roofing cost is not easy without the specific plan and knowledge of the condition of a building. However, it’s easy to make sense of the cost of a residential metal roofing project. The best way to know the amount you need to install a metal roof over your residential building is to work with a reputable metal roofing contractor.

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