New Metal Roof Cost in San Antonio

New metal roof cost in San Antonio varies depending on a number of factors. However, most people have paid $12,236 on average for new metal roof installation. The general average ranges between $10,375 and $14,075. But this does not include discounts that some roofing contractors offer.

At GT Roofing San Antonio Texas, we focus on providing superior metal roof installation at the most reasonable prices. We base our prices for new metal roof installation on the extent of the project, size of a building and its location. All new metal roofs are installed by highly competent technicians with vast industry experience. Be confident that you will get the full benefits of a metal roof once you hire us to install a new metal roof for you.

Why New Metal Roof Cost in San Antonio is Higher than That of Other Roofs

Generally, installing a new metal roof costs more than installing another type of a roof. However, metal roof installation is less expensive in the long run. That’s because metal roof lasts longer and it has a modern appearance. It also saves you money in energy savings since metal roof keeps a building cooler during the sweltering months.

Here are the other reasons why a new metal roof costs more to install:

There are many types of metal roofs that you can install on your building. Common among them include aluminum, steel and copper. Our team can also install zinc roof on your building. What’s more, we offer warranties for labor and materials once you engage our roof installation service.

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