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Roof Repair Tips and Tricks from GT Roofing Experts

When you own a home, you need roof repair tips and tricks for keeping your roof in perfect condition. A leaky roof can cause costly and serious damage to a house. That’s because infiltrating rainwater can destroy the plaster and drywall. It can cause rotting on the framing and even mold growth. A damaged roof should be repaired as quickly as possible. In some cases, the damage is easy to fix.…

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How Long Does a Steel Roof Last?

Longevity and durability are the major selling points of a steel roof. With proper coating and installation, a steel roof can last for decades. But, how long does a steel roof last? Well, the average lifespan of a steel roof is about 40 years. This lifespan is for a traditional home roof that gets different experiences and weather during the four seasons. Steel roof puncture resistance implies that the roof…

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