Metal Roof with Shingles in San Antonio

Whether you are building a new home or doing some renovations, roofing is one of the areas that require a keen attention. For the best money value, you need a roofing alternative that is durable, efficient and long lasting. While many roofing options boast of these benefits, experts and building owners recommend metal roof. If you are looking to install a metal roof with shingles in San Antonio, GT Roofing San Antonio Texas is the ideal partner to engage. Here are key features of metal roof shingles that make them a great choice.

Design and Construction

Metal shingle roofing is made from metals that ensure greater resilience and longevity. They are designed in the shape of large panels that mimic wood shakes and tiles. These shingles are constructed in panels measuring about 4 feet long. However, the sizes many vary based on the type or brand. They have a striking appearance brought about by detailed texturing, layering and coatings.


Most building owners that have used metal roof with shingles in San Antonio say that their unique style is what they love most about them. As hinted above, they are enhanced with distinctive styles including Victorian, Spanish and slate. Besides, metal shingle roofing comes in a variety of patterns and colors to choose from. This means you can easily get a roof that perfectly complements the style or look of your building.


The fact that the roofs are large in sizes and have shingles makes them easy to install. Depending on your needs, there are single shingles that can be individually installed without much effort. Many varieties of metal shingles can be installed over one or two layers of an existing roof. But, proper installation requires a strong and flat deck.

Now that you know the unique properties and benefits of metal shingle roofing, talk to GT Roofing San Antonio Texas for quality metal roof with shingles in San Antonio. We offer lasting roofing solutions that you will truly love and treasure for decades.