Metal Roof Shingles

After standing seam metal roofing, interlocking metal roof shingles are the second most popular metal roofing option for residential buildings. There are different types of metal shingles that are made by different manufacturers. These shingles are also made of different metals including aluminum and galvanized steel. Some are made of zinc and others copper.

But, all metal shingles are made using the stamping press. This entails feeding a metal coil after which the stamps are died in 2 or 3 steps. The shingle profile is stamped out using lock flanges. The locks are eventually made in the second or third step. The shingles that come out of the stamping press are packaged into the box.

Why Metal Roof Shingles are So Popular

Metal shingles are made to resemble mission and Spanish tile, wood shakes, Victorian tiles, and slate. Majority of them are made using coated or painted aluminum or steel that is formed or pressed into realistic shapes. Some shingles are amazingly convincing in terms of their appearance.

Painted metal shingles producers reduce the tell-tale sheen by layering finish, texturing metal, and creating granulated-stone topcoats. The final products are typically slate or tile lookalikes. They are even not easy to distinguish from real things. Metal shingle roofing systems are made of large panels that are designed in a way that makes their installation easy. Single shingles are designed for individual application.

What’s more, metal shingles can be installed over the existing roofing. However, individual types require tearing off to ensure that it’s applied on a flat, firm roof deck.

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