Metal Roof Patio Cover

Over the recent years, metal roof patio cover installations have become increasingly popular in San Antonio, Texas. These installations are popular among residential property owners that want to boost their outdoor spaces or backyards. When installed properly, the cover protects property owners and their families from rain and sun. Thus, you can spend more outdoor moments with your family regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

GT Roofing San Antonio Texas offers different designs of this cover. But all covers can be personalized to match the needs of client. As such, you can give your property the look that you desire by having customized covers installed on it.

Insulated Aluminum Covers

These covers are made of aluminum panels that have insulation. The thickness of these panels varies from 3 to 4 inches. The panels have a design that keeps the patio space cooler during summer. It also mutes rain sounds.

Aluminum is preferred when it comes to making metal roof patio cover due to its lightweight. In addition to being non-toxic, it lasts longer. The covers that are made of aluminum are easy to clean and they have little maintenance. We install versatile and durable patio covers. These are ideal for price conscious individuals yet they provide professional and practical looking products.

Cost of Metal Patio Covers

We install patio covers that are easy to custom-fabricate according to the price and style needs of our clients. Nevertheless, once you have these covers installed on your property, you are bound to enjoy year-round protection without spending a fortune. All covers that we install are quality-engineered to be the best products in the market. The heavy-duty design of these covers enables them to resist weather damage and last longer. Be confident that we will install long lasting and effective patio cover on your property once you contract us.

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