When building a new house or planning to replace or change your roof, you have to consider metal roof installation cost. A metal roof is a choice that you can’t ignore when choosing the roof to install on your property. That’s because this roof has numerous benefits that make it stand out from the other roof types. For instance, while some roofs can last for 10 years, a metal roof can last more than 50 years.

In addition to its durability, metal roof is more energy efficient. When a metal roof is installed properly, it can save your energy costs by up to 40%. That’s because it lowers the heating and cooling expenses. But, how much does a metal roof cost to install?

General Cost of Installing a Metal Roof

The average cost of metal roof installation is about $12,236. The general range is basically between $10,375 and $14,075 without including discounts that some roofing contractors offer their clients.

To save on your metal roof installation cost, find a qualified metal roofing contractor that is experienced and willing to give you a discount. Nevertheless, don’t be lured with a low installation quote to give your metal roof installation project to a quack.

Metal Roof Installation Cost by Metal Type

The type of the metal that a roof is made of affects the cost of its installation. Steel roof for instance is the least expensive to install. You can spend between $2.65 and $3.75 per square foot to install galvanized steel roof. Stone coated steel tiles and shingles on the other hand cost more to install. You can spend between $3.50 and $4.50 per square foot installation. However, the cost can be higher than this depending on the contractor.

Aluminum roof on the other hand can cost a minimum of $9.00 per square foot to install. The price of aluminum roof material ranges between $3.75 and $5.50 per square foot. Standing seam metal roof us more expensive to install. Most contractors charge a minimum of $10 to install a square foot of standing seam roof. Installation of zinc and copper roof costs between $9 and $14 per square foot.

Labor Cost for Installing a Metal Roof

The basic cost of installing a metal roof ranges from $5 to $12 per square foot. Installation of metal roof shingles cost around $7 to $10 per square foot. To install a standing seam metal roof, you will spend between $9 and $12 per square foot.

For instance, if you want to install a metal roof on 1,500 square feet and the average installation cost of a square foot is $8, you will spend a total of $12,000 on the project. The roofing contractor that you choose will play a crucial role when it comes to the total installation cost. Therefore, choose a contractor for your metal roof installation project carefully.

Effects of the Roof Design on Metal Roofing Cost

Your roof’s architectural design can add a significant amount to your metal roof installation cost. A complex metal roof design with many angles, domes, and skylight requires higher skills and labor to install. This will increase the cost of your metal roof installation.

The installation practices of the contractor depending on the style of your roof will also influence the cost of installing a metal roof.

Location can affect the Cost of Metal Roof Installation

The final cost of metal roof installation varies greatly depending on the location of the building. Installing a metal roof on a building that is located in a place where the living cost is above average costs more. That’s because labor costs more in such a place. However, don’t think about skimping out.

Metal roof installation is a serious job that should not be given to somebody that can try to use shortcuts to lower the cost. Trying to do this can lead to serious headaches down the road. Therefore, make sure that only a qualified and reliable professional installs your metal roof. Proper installation is one of the factors that influence the longevity of a metal roof. As such, it’s very important to ensure that your metal roof installation project is handled by the right expert.

Get a Comprehensive Metal Roof Installation Estimate

When it comes to getting an estimate for your metal roof installation project, make sure that the quote is comprehensive.

Some of the things included in a comprehensive metal roof installation estimate include: 

The best metal roof installers will be glad to give you a free, no obligation estimate. If you are in San Antonio and you need an estimate for your metal roof installation project, get in touch with us. GT Roofing San Antonio Texas has experienced metal roof installers ready to give you a free estimate. Call us now to request a free metal roof installation cost estimate!