Metal Roof Cost

Perhaps, you saw a beautiful metal roof on a residential property and you would like to have a similar roof over your property. This may have prompted you to think about metal roof cost. Well, the cost of installing metal roof varies on the basis of several factors. For instance, there is a significant difference between the cost of standing seam metal roof and metal shingle roof.

Additionally, the cost of installing a metal roof varies depending on the roof type complexity and geographic location. In general, the cost of labor influences cost of installing metal roofing significantly. Price of the roofing material also plays a role in determining the total costs. But generally, metal shingles are more affordable. The costs of standing seam roof will surprise you because of the skills and sophistication that is required to install the panels.

The Average Metal Roof Cost

On average, metal roofing costs between $5.85 and $9.78 per square foot. Nevertheless, the total cost can be 15% much higher or lower. This variation will depend on material type, roof footprint, location and other factors.

The most popular metals that are used on residential properties are aluminum and steel. The cost of steel roofing is usually less than that of aluminum roofing. Copper and tin roofs cost lower than these two.

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