Metal Roof Addition San Antonio

Metal roof addition San Antonio projects are a popular part of a building remodeling. Adding metal roofing to your property gives you a chance to enjoy its functional benefits. You also give the exterior of your building an aesthetic improvement. At GT Roofing San Antonio Texas, we have been installing metal roofs in different buildings over the years. Our metal roof additions come with numerous benefits including the following:

Aesthetic Value

Metal has become a popular home roofing material over the recent years. This can be attributed to its ability to enhance the aesthetics of a building. This roofing gives a building a stylish appearance that lasts for decades. It’s also available in different colors from which a property owner can choose depending on the look they want to give their buildings. Additionally, this roof is available in different styles including tiles, shingles, standing and corrugated seams.


Durability is another reason why metal roof addition San Antonio projects are on the rise. Once you install metal roofing, you don’t have to worry about the duration you will live in your building. That’s because metal roof lasts for more than fifty years. This is not the case for conventional roofing which can start degrading immediately after installation. A metal roof remains strong for decades. Its durability makes it ideal for installation in places with blazing sun and hard rains. What’s more, metal roof requires little or no maintenance to last and look amazing.

Fire Resistant

You definitely don’t expect to have a fire outbreak in your home but it’s possible. Metal roof will not safeguard the entire building from fire threat. However, it will protect part of your building because it is fire resistant.

Curb Appeal

Metal roof is a highly desirable option due to the above reasons. A metal roof addition gives you a chance to enjoy these benefits while living inside your home. You also get a financial reward when selling your home because metal roof enhances the value of a building.

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