Meta Roof Reviews San Antonio

Metal roofing has always been a favorite choice for people building commercial structures and rural outbuildings. However, this roofing is now growing its following among urban remodelers and custom builders. Perhaps, to understand why more people are turning to metal roofing, it’s important to read metal roof reviews San Antonio opinions of builders and property owners.

Since 2000, metal roof sales have been increasing. Today, this product has gained a significant share of the market. This can partly be attributed to advertizing by their manufacturers and suppliers. Through advertising, manufacturers and suppliers have debunked the widespread perception of consumers that metal roofing is ideal for barns only. And the message is sinking in because remodelers, roofers, small production builders and custom builders are now crowning houses with steel, tin, aluminum, and copper roofs.

Appealing Aesthetic

Modern metal roofs are painted in different colors. According to most metal roof reviews San Antonio opinions, people prefer these roofs because they can have color that mimic wood shakes, asphalt shingles and cement tiles. In the past, subdivisions outlawed this roofing. However, these have now softened to acquire look-alike styles. In fact, many times is hard to tell if a wood shake-look metal roof is metal at all when you stand at the curb.

More than the Good Looks

Looks alone have not earned metal roofing a significant market share. Roof-ravaging hail, wind, and snow have made metal roofing appeal to most people. Homeowners are replacing their old roofs with metal roofing after storms and hurricanes damage them.

Additionally, the 50-year warranty of metal roofing is their major selling point. This includes their class 4 hail-resistance rating. Metal roofing is guaranteed to withstand up to 120-mph winds. This makes it ideal for people that want their structures to last long and look more appealing longer.

Basically, metal roof reviews San Antonio opinions indicate that people are being practical when it comes to roofing structures. Call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas to discuss your metal roofing needs with experienced specialists!