The long lifespan of metal roof is one of its greatest benefits. When it comes to longevity, no roof beats steel roof. Basically, metal roofing is a perfect choice for you if you need a long-lasting, durable roof that will provide maximum protection to your home against elements.

Over the years, popularity of metal roof options like steel and copper roofs has continued to grow due to their ever-evolving aesthetic appeal and durability. In addition to the long life of metal roof, this roofing option is overcoming the stigma that it has been associated with for being a simple drab gray tin. Modern metal roof comes in different colors, designer styles, and finishes. These options enable property owners to choose metal roofs that accentuate the unique appearances of their properties.

Age versus Cost

When choosing the roof to install on a building, one of the questions that most people ask is, how long will the roof last? A major reason why the popularity of metal roof is always rising is because this is a low-maintenance, heavy duty, and lightweight roof. It’s an affordable option when its life expectancy is factored in.

On average, the life span of metal roof is actually double that of traditional asphalt shingles. Of course, this depends on metal thickness and grade. A thinner metal roof has a shorter lifespan while a thicker metal roof has a longer lifespan.

Most metal roof types come with a typical warranty of 40 years. However, metal roofs last for even more than 60 years. This lifespan is way longer than that of other roof types like asphalt shingle roof that comes with a warranty of about 23years. The double lifespan of metal roof when compared to other types of roofs is pretty impressive.

Why Metal Roof has a Long Lifespan

Metal is a strong and durable material. A quality metal roof is not just a series of metal panels. It’s a complete system with framing members and clips that affect the life of this roof. Metal roof panels are securely held to structural members by roof clips. However, they still leave adequate wiggle room that allows panels to easily move when temperature changes cause contraction and expansion every day.

What’s more, the heavy duty fasteners used to install a metal roof and the sealants in the seams improve the durability of a metal roof. Punching at the factory ensure that panels are aligned properly while mitigating corrosion danger at the holes’ edges. Staggering of splices prevents complete leak points and seams exposure. Roof openings and curbs are factory engineered while fasteners are generally concealed in the curbs thereby eliminating leaks potential.

What’s more, the resistance of metal to environmental elements gives it a longer lifespan that asphalt and other roofing materials. Metal roof is capable of withstanding severe weather including high winds that can tear traditional roofs like asphalt shingles apart. Metal has strong impact resistance. That’s why a metal roof can withstand a hailstorm.

Metal roof is also fire resistant. If you have a metal roof over your home, you don’t have to worry whenever a lightning strikes. That’s because there is a very minimal chance of your house catching fire. The electrical charge from the lightning is basically spread over a metal roof. Thus, your metal roof will easily withstand the lightning bolt’s heat.

Metal roof clips allow movement in the event of a seismic activity just the way they do when temperature changes. Thus, though your metal roof can buckle due to a seismic activity, it won’t shatter or splinter.

Finally, metal roof has a longer lifespan because there are no pests that eat it.

How to Extend the Life Span of a Metal Roof

A metal roof lasts longer with little maintenance. For instance, cleaning a metal roof every year is important to ensure that no debris and dirt to create a place for water accumulation. Fasteners should be inspected for corrosion. If some of them are damaged, they should be replaced. Flashing around roof penetrations should also be inspected to ensure that it’s in proper shape. Dents and scratches should also be taken care of by repainting if necessary.

Final Thought

A metal roof has a longer lifespan when compared to other types of roofs. However, for this roof to last a longer time, it needs proper installation and little maintenance. What’s more, proper installation and maintenance of a metal roof provides a roofing system that costs less for years. Addition of the right flashing at the penetration points of this roof and appropriate maintenance creates a roofing system that last more than 40 years.

When you consider the cost of roof replacement every 20 years for options like asphalt shingles, metal roof stands out. Though the initial cost of metal roofing is higher, the return on investment is higher because of it little maintenance and longer life span. Call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas to schedule consultation for your metal roof installation project.