The durability, aesthetics, and safety of metal roofs make it the best choice for most building owners. However, these benefits make the price tag of a metal roof high. But, though the upfront cost of a metal roof is higher than that of the traditional asphalt roof, it’s an affordable, long-term investment. So, how much is a metal roof?

Metal Roof Cost by Style

Several factors influence the cost of a metal roof. One of these factors is style. Metal roof is available in different styles. These include vertical panels, metal shingles, standing seams, and metal slates or tiles. The cost of different styles of the metal roofs also varies depending on how complicated or simple the roofing structure is. For instance, a metal roof with several dormers and valleys will cost more than a simple pitched metal roof. The average metal roof cost by style is as follows: 
  • Standing seams- These cost between $8 and $10 per square foot
  • Vertical panels- These cost between $5 and $7 per square foot
  • Metal shingles- Their price ranges from $6 to $7 per square foot
  • Metal slate or tile- This costs between $6 and $7 per square foot

Metal Roof Cost by Material

A metal roof can be made of different materials. Some of the major materials that are used to make metal roofs are steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc. Aluminum and steel are the most common materials for the metal roofs of residential homes. A steel roof is the cheapest among these options. That’s why it’s mostly used in residential buildings. Steel shingles cost about $270 per square foot. Steel standing seams cost about $300 per square foot. An aluminum metal roof costs about $100 more than the price of a steel roof. Zinc and copper make premium metal roofs. These cost between $900 and $1400 per square foot. This explains why zinc and copper roofs are generally used for decorative purposes. There are also common in revered national properties. Generally, roof square is used as the standard roof measurement.

Other Factors Influencing Metal Roof Cost

The cost of a metal roof is influenced by its thickness or gauge. Different metal roofs have different thicknesses or gauges. The gauge affects a metal roof’s durability. Bear in mind the fact that gauge numbers come in descending order. This means that a gauge 26 roof is thicker than a gauge 29 roof. Therefore, talk to your contractor about your metal roof gauge in relation to the weather concerns of your location as well as your roofing budget. The fastening system of a metal roof also influences its cost. A metal roof whose screws or fastenings are exposed costs less than a metal roof whose fastenings are concealed. The contractor and your location will also influence the cost of your metal roof. Every contractor gets roofing materials from different suppliers. Established and reputable roofing contractors also charge more than new contractors. That’s because they are experienced and they can prove their competency with their portfolios.

Why Metal Roof Costs More than Other Roof Types

A metal roof is pricier than other types of roofs. But, this is not without reasons. The long lifespan of a metal roof is one of these reasons. A metal roof can last a lifetime despite having a warranty of 50 years. This is way better than an asphalt shingle roof that needs replacement after 25 years. Thus, spending more on metal roof installation will save you money in the long run. Another reason why a metal roof is pricier is the fact that it’s almost maintenance-free. As long as your metal roof is installed properly, it will save you on maintenance costs. What’s more, a properly installed metal roof is capable of withstanding the effects of severe environmental elements. When you install a metal roof, you pay for more than a quality product. You also pay for its costly installation. Installing a metal roof requires professional skills and the right equipment. That’s why you should hire a roofing contractor with expertise and skills as well as the necessary equipment for installing a metal roof. Every component of a metal roofing structure should be measured and put in place properly to create a strong roof. These factors combined with your choice of metal roof material and style will influence the amount you will pay to install this roof.

Final Thoughts

A metal roof cost varies depending on several factors. And though the upfront cost of a metal roof is higher than that of other roof types, it saves the building owners money in the long run. That’s because a properly installed metal roof lasts for decades with little maintenance. Metal is a strong roofing material that is capable of withstanding the effects of harsh environmental elements like the wind. Thus, your metal roof will last long without requiring costly repairs.