How Long Do Metal Roofs Last in San Antonio

When installing a metal roof, you may pause and ask, how long do metal roofs last in San Antonio? Durability is one of the major concerns for property owners when deciding on the type of roof to install on their buildings. Generally, steel roof beats all types of roofs in terms of longevity.

Age versus Cost

Typically, metal roofs have warranties of 40 years and above. This is already longer than the warranties of traditional roofs. Most metal roofs last for 60 years and above. This is longer than that of asphalt shingles which is about 23 years and for single-ply roof which is 20 years. Basically, the lifespan of metal roofs is double the lifespan of other roofs. This is quite impressive.

However, there is a major concern- the cost of metal roof. On average, the cost of metal roofing is about 30 cent for each square foot. When compared to asphalt shingles and single ply, the lifecycle cost of these materials is 37 and 57 cents per every square foot respectively. Basically, knowing the duration a metal roof will last might not be adequate. You should also know the costs variations.

How Long Do Metal Roofs Last in San Antonio and Why?

Basically, metal roof lasts longer than other types of roof due to the durability of the material. However, this longevity can’t be accounted for by durability alone. Metal roof comprises of more than steel panels series. It is a system that comprises of framing and clips that affect the longevity of the roofing structure.

Roof panels are held securely by roof clips. However, they leave sufficient wiggle room to allow for the movement of the panels with contraction and expansion that result from temperature changes. Durability of metal roof is further enhanced by sealants and quality fasteners. Factory punching makes sure that panels are aligned properly while mitigating corrosion danger at the holes edges.

Clearly, proper installation counts when it comes to longevity of metal roofs. Stop asking how long do metal roofs last in San Antonio and call GT Roofing San Antonio to discuss your metal roof installation needs. We guarantee you professional installation of a metal roof that will enhance the value of your building and make it aesthetically appealing.