Houses with Metal Roofs

There are things that make houses with metal roofs sell faster than those with other types of roofs. These are also the reasons many people are installing metal roofs over their properties. In fact, metal roofs are now a popular choice for homeowners. That’s because of the following reasons.

Different Appearances

These roofs are made of the same materials. However, metal roofs come in different colors. Some are premium colors while others are customized. Thus, it’s easy to choose the roof color for your building depending on its architectural style. You can also choose interlocking shingles or vertical panels. These options make it easy to have a metal roof that looks just the way you desire.

Longer Lifespan

Longevity is a major reason some people choose metal roofs. These roofs can last up to 50 years or longer with proper installation and maintenance. When steel roofing is coated with zinc and aluminum alloy, it lasts up to 100 years.

Weather Resistance

When it comes to shedding rain and snow, houses with metal roofs perform better than those with shingle roofs. They also have better resistance to wind. They can hold up against wind whose rating is up to 140 miles per hour. This is almost two times the speed that triggers warning for a hurricane force.

Fire Resistance

Unsurprisingly, metal roofs are fire resistant. The final rating for fire resistance capabilities of a roof are decreased on the basis of the underlying materials. There are insurance companies that give discounts to property owners for having metal roofs on the houses.

Easy Installation

Metal roofs have larger shingles sections or panels with several feet. This makes them easier and quick to install. Their installation requires minimal labor cost. Metal roofs installation causes minimal or no disruption in the living spaces.

To enjoy these and other benefits of houses with metal roofs, call GT Roofing San Antonio Texas to schedule your metal roof installation appointment!