Factors Influencing Metal Roofing Estimates in San Antonio

Metal roofing estimates in San Antonio are mostly higher than those of asphalt shingles. However, installing a metal roof is a worthy investment. That’s because metal roofing lasts longer than the other options. What’s more, taking care of a metal roof is easier. Additionally, a metal roof will increase your home’s overall value.

But, what influences metal roofing estimates? Well, several factors will affect the amount of money you will pay a contractor to install this roof over your property. Understanding these factors can help you budget for your roofing project even before you contact a contractor.


Typical materials that make metal roofing are aluminum and steel. However, zinc and copper can also make this roof. Steel roofs can come with a corrosion-resistant coating, which is primarily aluminum. It can also have zinc as a corrosion-resistant coating. Zinc coating is also known as galvanized, and it provides better performance. Aluminum roofing is lighter than steel, and it’s also rust-resistant. Zinc and copper mostly come unpainted due to their natural, distinctive beauty.

Your chosen material will influence the metal roofing estimates you will get from contractors. For instance, copper is the most expensive metal roof type. However, it lasts longer and looks better over time. Ideally, ask your contractor about the materials they have for metal roofing and request an estimate for each.

Interlocks and Fasteners

The screw heads of a metal roof can be exposed, while another one can have concealed fasteners. If a metal roof comes with concealed fasteners, its installation per square foot will cost you more. Additionally, the roofing will require slower and intricate equipment to produce.

Installing a metal roof with concealed fasteners takes time. That’s because the roofing contractor has to fit the panels. On the other hand, exposed fasteners will only overlap at the edges. A concealed faster comes with actual interlocks on four or two sides. As such, a metal roofing with concealed faster will cost more than another one with exposed fasteners. However, a cheap metal roof comes with higher durability and maintenance concerns because the fasteners can loosen, leading to leaking over time. Concealed fasteners provide more excellent wind resistance, strength, and durability.

House Size and Shape

Metal roofing estimates in San Antonio vary based on the size and shape of the home. It’s rather apparent that a bigger house requires more roofing material. As such, you will spend more to install a metal roof on a large home than a small one. Also, a steeper slope roof will cost more to install than a flat one. That’s because the roofing contractor will require more experts on-site to complete the job. What’s more, they will need more equipment to ensure the safety of technicians. And installing a steep metal roof will take longer, thereby adding hours to your bill.

The shape of a house will also influence your roofing estimate. If your home has many dormers, skylights, and angles, the job will be more complicated. And this will add to the cost of installing your roof.


The amount of labor that a contractor needs to install your metal roof will also influence your estimates. Aluminum metal roofing is lighter than the other options. A contractor can even install some metal roofs over an asphalt roof. And this can reduce the number of hours the contractor will spend on your site. Thus, they can charge you a relatively low amount.

But if your roofing contractor has to tear off an existing roof first, you will spend more. Additionally, if your metal roof is heavy and requires more technicians to install, you might pay more. You are also likely to pay more if you need the contractor to tear off and dispose of the underlayment, flashing, and shingles.


A residential metal roof can have a modular panel or a vertical seam. With these variations, you get differences in terms of concealed and exposed fasteners. Additionally, how metal panels interlock can differ. You can get vertical seams made of aluminum and steel. Zinc and copper can also make these panels.

Vertical seams are available with high-end standing, architectural seams, and agricultural panels with exposed fasteners. Standing seams mostly come with concealed fasteners. However, the pins are driven through the clops to allow for the entire metal panel’s movement. And this is essential for thermal contraction and expansion.

Modular panels come in different looks, including slate, shake, tile, and shingle. Most of these panels come with concealed interlocks and fasteners on the sides. Therefore, understand what the estimate includes because these differences can cause a significant variation in performance and cost.

The Average Cost of Metal Roofing in San Antonio

Most homes in the United States have asphalt shingles. That’s because installing and repairing asphalt shingles is affordable. However, the average cost of installing a metal roofing is around $5,500. That’s the amount you will spend when installing metal roofing on a typical home.

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