Different Metal Roofs in San Antonio

Before you make the decision to install or replace a roof, you may want to know different metal roofs in San Antonio and their benefits. At GT Roofing San Antonio Texas, we have a team of technicians that are professionally trained, experienced and equipped with tools for installing different types of metal roofs.

If you have made the decision to install any metal roof on your residential or commercial property, give us a call to discuss your installation needs with experts. What’s more, we can recommend on the type of metal roof to install depending on the needs of your property. Some of the metal roofs that we install, repair, and replace include the following:


This is a lightweight metal roof. It is malleable than other types of metal roofs. This allows for its installation in different roofing designs. Aluminum roof is recommended for buildings that are located in the coastal areas. That’s because this roof is resistant to sea salt and moisture corrosion. Additionally, aluminum develops a protective barrier that seals it after exposure to oxygen. This prevents further rusting or oxidation.


This metal roof has higher strength than aluminum. It is ideal for installation on buildings located at places that are prone to hurricanes and high winds. Although different metal roofs in San Antonio are resistant to fire, steel retains heat. This attribute makes it ideal for buildings in colder climates. Additionally, this roofing is eco-friendly because steel can be recycled. Steel roof can be galvanized steel, galvalume steel or weathering steel.


This is an extremely durable type of metal roof. It’s also malleable and this allows for its installation in elaborate and fantastic designs. This roofing is popular on commercial buildings. Zinc roof production requires less energy than producing steel and copper roofs. However, if zinc roof is not painted for some time, it turns green or blue and it often leaves chalky residue.


Tin roof is considered rare and in most cases unused metal roofing. This material is mostly used to make canning materials. However, it is also flattened and used for shingling.

Basically, there are different metal roofs in San Antonio. However, copper, aluminum, steel and zinc are the most durable. GT Roofing San Antonio Texas can install any of these types of metal roofs in San Antonio. Just give us a call anytime you need help with installation of any of these metal roofs.