Best Metal Roof

So you have settled on a metal roof for your building. But, what’s the best metal roof for your residential or commercial property? Choosing a great metal roof can be a challenging task. That’s because there are many options to consider. GT Roofing San Antonio Texas has experienced roofing experts that share hints to help you make the right choice.


Metal roofing comes in different panel profiles or styles. This means you have numerous styles to choose from. Choose from roofs with corrugated looks, slate, shake, and shingle as well as tile facsimiles. Ideally, go for the look that suits your home better. Don’t forget that though personal choice matters, not all profiles can fit stylistically and aesthetically with your home.


Think about scale when choosing your metal roof. For instance, choosing standing seam panel with a width of 24 inches will be overpowering if your house has a width of 50 inches. That’s because you will have 25 panels only across the roof width at the end. Similarly, if you have a smaller house, a heavy looking tile or shake profile will be excess. Therefore, have scale in mind to choose the best metal roof for your building.

In most cases, steeper pitches roof look better with shake that has a heavier look. Low profile slate enhances historic homes. Wood shingle or low profile look works best for ranches and buildings with lower slope roofs.


Have your neighborhood and neighbors in mind when selecting metal roof for your building. The roof should add the value of your home. Choose a metal roof that sets your building apart as far as beauty and distinction are concerned. But, don’t make your property stand out in a way that detracts viewers from its real value.

GT Roofing San Antonio Texas is a team of metal roofing experts. We are knowledgeable about different metal roofing options and we can help you install the best roof on your property. Call us now to have the best metal roof installed by experts on your property!