Best Metal Roof for Residential

Once you decide to invest in a metal roof, you want to choose the best metal roof for residential properties. There are different types of metal roof products in the current market. The product that you choose can alter the aesthetics of your home’s roof. It’s crucial to note that different metal roof products have different performance attributes. Here are the major metal roof products that you should consider when choosing metal roofing for your residential property.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roof creates a weather-tight and durable roofing system. It provides a unique look when high seams are raised above metal panels to create a continuous, sleek design. This roof can be installed by snapping panels together or by mechanically seaming them using a machine. Either way, the seaming process eliminates penetration while reducing the possibility of leaking.

Concealed Fastening Metal Roofing

This is the best metal roof for residential properties where weathering that occurs naturally in roofs needs reduction. It presents budget-friendly cost and protection just like the exposed metal panel system. Due to the concealed fasteners that are hidden beneath the panels, normal weather exposure is reduced. This enhances the longevity of the panels. This metal roof is a snap-on batten choice with strong lines that create a clean, beautiful appearance. It gives a residential property an awesome curb appeal.

Exposed Fastening Metal Roof

This is also called through-fastened. Fastener screws are used to install it. These penetrate the metal panels to leave exposed screw heads. This is the roofing option that you are likely to think of when metal roofing is mentioned. Improper installation has led to a tainted reputation of this roofing. That’s because improper installation leads to premature rusting and leaks. However, neoprene washers, that are watertight, provide protection throughout the life of this metal roof.

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